Chrome painted grille

Cosmichrome Custom Chrome application process

Cosmichrome is a patented multi part process of applying a chrome finish to any surface that is paintable, a metallic spraying system that uses silver to reflect the same as chrome

We can colour coat over this to give you a unbeatable reflective chrome finish

Patented in Canada this system was imported in early 2016 to add to our custom painting and the unique services we offer at Double Jacks Garage

Unlike chrome plating we can repair items such as bumpers with a final filler and apply this over the top eliminating the many hours taken up in hammer and file/sanding to get a smooth unmarked finish before dipping

Being one of the very few in Australia that has invested not only a considerable amount financially, but time in sending our head painter and business partner Brad Yarrow to Canada for extensive training in this amazing technology, it is a awesome way to personalise your car, hot rod and bike with endless options, the only boundaries to consider is your imagination and ego.

Don't let anyone else have what you have!

This is not a cheap imitation spray paint, its not available at Bunnings or in a pressure pack can, this is the real deal in the custom painting future

Don't let anyone else have what you have, customise you car, hot rod, bike, truck, even your skateboard       Be a Standout not a follower


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